Lists... And Things Yet To Be Done

My life is one long list. 

Things to do.
Things to pay.
Things to not do.
Things I want.

Right now I'm going through... in my head all the things I still need to get done around my house.

*The Pantry Office first and foremost.  Once our Disney trip is paid for, I'm going to start working on this. 
*I have a stool in the bathroom that I've been meaning to paint with Milk Paint.  I've had the paint for over a year now.  Ooops.
*Bench seating cushion.  Needs done. 
*Bedroom needs pulled together. 
*Back bedroom is hot mess and needs cleaned up and turned back into a bedroom.
*Paint Cabinets.  All.  Everywhere.
*Fix entry area.  It needs some style.




*Porch.  My porch is so bland.  It needs some style too.
*Transition pieces on the floor.  Yes, not done yet.
*Island Butcher Block




All day long these are the things that go through my head.  And probably more. 
And pictures like these... all day long...

Just day dreaming of the work to be done can be exhausting...


Craigslist Finds :: Indianapolis

Happy Turkey Day Week!  Thanksgiving is becoming a lost holiday I feel like... But I thought I'd give you a head start on your holiday shopping (for yourself) instead of having to wait for Black Friday.  Deals are found all the time on Craigslist. 

If you've followed me for a while now you know I love craigslist.  Occasionally I just peruse what's available for fun but most of the time I'm looking for something specific.  While looking for a couple of things I came across these great finds in Indy!  I wish I had an unlimited amount of money!  Here are my favorite recent finds that you need to go buy! 

image 1

Ummm... this mantle is one of my absolute favorite finds EVER!  I love it's chippiness and details... AND AN AMAZING Price of only $135.  It is at a local antique booth so could be gone already, but I suggest running anyways! 

image 1

This dresser is blowing my mind.  The color :: Perfection!   Condition seems exquisite!  And I am just dying over it seriously... I might go in offering a little lower on the price, listed at $199, but I think it's a great piece so probably well worth it! 

image 1

And this dresser would coordinate with the dresser above nicely if you were looking for two bedside tables with storage.  I'm thinking I need both.  I love the curvy top and the condition again looks awesome. 

image 1

I've been crushing on these ottomans for a while now.  My only dilemma with them is that I don't like them without these covers.  I think the covers are cute and different, but without them, they are not my fave.  Listed for $60 for both they are a good price though...

image 1

I'm in love with these retro vintage chairs.  I'd love them for my patio.  I just think they are fun and funky.  I like adding quirk to d├ęcor.  It makes it more fun and these would definitely add some character to any patio!  And at $70 for the set, you could give them a quick coat of spray paint in the spring and they are perfect! 

image 1

I thought this cabinet was very cool.  I love the chevron pattern on the bottom which would be very cool whitewashed I think.  Seems like a piece that was ahead of it's time. 

So that's how I get through days without really shopping... I just pick out pieces I'd love to have and share them with others!  I hope they find good homes! 

Found any fun craigslist finds lately? 


Attempted Thanksgiving Tablescape & Link Party!

Did you know Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?!?! 
That sure crept up on us didn't it! 
Even though I don't host Thanksgiving, although I have in the past... see here... I decided to get in on the fun of a Thanksgiving Tablescape because you know, everyone is doing it.
Worst case it got me to clean off the table. 
Yes, it is usually a  mess of art supplies, play-doh, markers, etc...

So it was nice to clean it off and do something like this!

I had these little turkey napkin holders laying around. 
They were orange so I gave them a quick paint job and they are looking much more chic now.
I picked them up at Goodwill a few years back and they've just been sitting in a drawer.
This year I put them to use (kind of).

The acorns were a bag from Meijer that I grabbed about two years ago.
I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a few paint colors to coordinate together. 
I think they turned out cute.

And while I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up these fall-esque stems.
I LOVE the Lotus Pods.

It's nothing much, but our table is not large and grand so small, sweet, and chic is how we keep it around here and honestly I kind of love it.

Vase is from Home Goods.  Love that place.  And did you know they have an app? 
Download The Goods NOW.
Lanterns and candle holders are from Goodwill as well.  I think they cost me $5 total. 
I contemplated painting them white or gold, but in the end liked the warmth that the brown tones gave for a more Thanksgiving-like feel.

Do you guys have any Thanksgiving Tablescapes to share? 
Link Up below... I'm trying my hand at a link party because I want to see your ideas! 

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