Animal Obessions at Home Goods

I may or may not have a slight obsession with animals.  While they are not currently all over my walls they could be.  I would totally be ok with it.  Antlers, Animals, Taxidermy... well maybe not real taxidermy... although if I ever have a lake house I feel like there might be some fun vintage taxidermy allowed in there. 
But yesterday I was just hanging out with a girlfriend shopping on our lunch break and it took all that I had to not walk out of Home Goods with more animals for my walls!  I've been looking for white and they had them!  Damn.  I mean Darn.  I mean I love you Home Goods. 

I don't know why I'm drawn to the southwestern styles like this but I am.  I love the rugs, the prints, the sculls.  They are just something I would love to be able to use.  I don't think they currently fit my style, especially this big, but if it had been a little smaller this one would have gone straight to my bedroom.  I basically have a spot waiting for it in a mini size.

And this guy {I LOVE YOU} would have come home with me too but I had to talk myself out of it.  I LLLLUUUUUUUURRRRRVVVVVEEEE him!  I love his horns mostly and his whiteness was key.  The size was perfection.  However, I didn't think I could live with the hook at the bottom since I wouldn't be using it as hook.  So again, I was talking myself out of it although he should be at home on my wall this very instant.

And I don't know why but I'm a lover of moose.  I think it's their presence.  Definitely not their wit as I've heard they have none.  Apparently they will just run into cars instead of away from them if you are in their vicinity.  However, they are beautiful.  Those antlers (if that's what you call them) are just majestic and powerful.  And again, he should have come home with me for all the right reason but he was a bit too big and I where he would have gone I think he might have just been too overpowering.
So the search to fill my home with animals continues.

And while I was there I also saw these two beauties.  This marble-esque vase was so cute.  I loved the texture, color, and size.  It would look awesome on some bright colored bookcase or a dresser.  The sofa was just a strange love.  I think I was born during the wrong era.  I tend to like older vintage looks.  This low profile modern sofa just caught my eye. 

So that's my #homegoodshappy story for the day!  Until next time Home Goods... which might be tonight.  #obsessed.


Letters to Ella -- 2nd Edition

Dear Ella,

Last week I had the privilege of spending an entire week with you and your daddy in Disney World, just us.  Wow is that place amazing.  I hope that you remember it when you get older.  It was such a great time.  There is something so magical about that place.  I'm baffled by it, but you just can't help but be happy there.  Well most of us were that way.  You found ways to be unhappy, if only momentarily, but I think it was just your age.

You were super happy and fun and then would turn rotten in two seconds flat.  You made me laugh.  Some moments made me tear up.  I love spending time with you and was so happy we were able to take a vacation like this with you when you were an age where you get so excited over things.

We did everything we could while we were there.  We saw so many princesses it was unnatural.  You only talked to half of them.  For some reason you would side eye or freeze completely with the other half.  You wouldn't talk to Tinkerbell.  You barely talked to Rapunzel.  You and Cinderella discussed your "slippers."  And you would barely smile for Anna & Elsa.  But you talked most to the evil stepsisters and stepmother from Cinderella which you were convinced were nice.  And they were.  They were very nice to you.  I kind of loved them with you. 

You were exhausted, comical, lovely, and frustrating... a great combination if you ask me.  You kept us on our toes.  You surprised us.  You found favorites and we realized that there are something's out there that do scare you.  You'd be scared in the moment and then tell us you were only a little scared later and that you really liked it.  You picked up on things we didn't think you'd notice and you even noticed and remembered details that we didn't over the few days we were there.

It was so much fun to see your face.  Even when you were scared.  Or only a little scared as you said.  We rode "It's A Small World" 4x while we were there and the last 3 I just watched your face and expressions.  You would sing every moment you could get.  You even sang through the fireworks!  At the top of your lungs and people started looking at you.  We tried to shush you a little but then realized it didn't really matter.  Always sing when you want to!  It's a good thing...
It was such an amazing trip that I can't wait to take you somewhere else new again!  Even though for the last three days you've asked to go back to Disneyworld, I think we'll try to find something new. 


Guest Posting Today at The City Moms

Remember how I had a guest blogger on Friday?!  My friend Megan from over at The City Moms?  Today I'm guest posting today all about how I'm taking care of business in my closet by organizing my Jewels and also following through with my goal of getting and staying organized in 2015!

Here's a sneak peek but you can see the rest over at The City Moms Blog!
I'll let you in on a little secret...
I am getting organized!

Happy Monday! 

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