Attempted Thanksgiving Tablescape & Link Party!

Did you know Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?!?! 
That sure crept up on us didn't it! 
Even though I don't host Thanksgiving, although I have in the past... see here... I decided to get in on the fun of a Thanksgiving Tablescape because you know, everyone is doing it.
Worst case it got me to clean off the table. 
Yes, it is usually a  mess of art supplies, play-doh, markers, etc...

So it was nice to clean it off and do something like this!

I had these little turkey napkin holders laying around. 
They were orange so I gave them a quick paint job and they are looking much more chic now.
I picked them up at Goodwill a few years back and they've just been sitting in a drawer.
This year I put them to use (kind of).

The acorns were a bag from Meijer that I grabbed about two years ago.
I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a few paint colors to coordinate together. 
I think they turned out cute.

And while I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up these fall-esque stems.
I LOVE the Lotus Pods.

It's nothing much, but our table is not large and grand so small, sweet, and chic is how we keep it around here and honestly I kind of love it.

Vase is from Home Goods.  Love that place.  And did you know they have an app? 
Download The Goods NOW.
Lanterns and candle holders are from Goodwill as well.  I think they cost me $5 total. 
I contemplated painting them white or gold, but in the end liked the warmth that the brown tones gave for a more Thanksgiving-like feel.

Do you guys have any Thanksgiving Tablescapes to share? 
Link Up below... I'm trying my hand at a link party because I want to see your ideas! 


DIY Lettered Canvas

Is it weird that I'm always picking up used canvases?  
Because I do.  
I see potential in them.  

Last week I sneaked at something I was working on my Instagram account.  

It started like this... 

Not so pretty.  But I just painted over it with some white and cream paint. 

It did take a few tries to get the pink highlighter color to be fully covered. 
So 3 coats is what I ended up doing. 

Then I found some inspiration on Pinterest and Google Images...

1 // 2 // 3

And then just started going freehand and this is how it turned out...

And here it is on the growing black and white gallery wall that is now in my bedroom...
Work in progress..

I think it still needs a border or accents or something, but for now, it works.


Friday Favorite :: Seersucker + Saddles

I fell in love with the Seersucker + Saddles back in 2013... maybe even in 2012.  Beth is this adorable blonde with a pixie-esque hair cut and a unique sense of style. I swear that someone who resembles her is somewhere DEEP Down inside of me just waiting to come out!  Ha!

 photo HEADER_2_zpsc36cbf18.png

I think this is one of my very favorite outfits that I first saw...
I love how she mixes the super ripped jeans with all things classic!


This would be a great outfit to wear to work -- If I ever got dressed up :)


And I love the casual comfiness of this set... 


That scarf is sold out but this one on my list... MUST HAVE!  
Beth is probably one of my favorite fashion bloggers because I feel like she wears REAL outfits that you and I could recreate.  

Her bags and accessories are always amazing...

So if you have a minute I hope you'll go blogstalking a little bit over at Seersucker + Saddles because there is so much to take in!  Love the way she does daring mixes and color choices and they always seem to work!

Thanks for all the inspiring style Beth!

*all photos from the Seersucker + Saddles Blog*
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