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I love sharing new blogs that I find or know or love... It's fun to share good things, right?!?

Well today's Friday Fave is seriously an absolute fave.  I could live in her house.  I mean seriously, I could.  I would even settle for the play room, or office.  Her home is something out of a magazine, but she's just so gosh darn wonderful you wouldn't hardly believe it!  Her name, Anissa.  Her blog, House Seven.

I might be bias on this one since I know her and get to peruse her home often.  I usually walk in assuming there will be something new to be found, or something moved -- which honestly is my favorite because I'm constantly moving things and my husband thinks I'm crazy and knowing that she does this too lets me know it's ok!


You name it, this girl can do it!
The name for her blog is House Seven because it's just that, their 7th house!  Like Woah!  I can't imagine living in seven homes, but it would be great to get to reinvent your decor style each time you move!  Her home is a mix between modern, blog-style, and a little Country Living & Domino mixed in.  Clear as mud?  Right... but seriously she can put an amazing twist on styles, recover furniture, sew, paint, & create!


So hop on over to House Seven and leave her some love.  I know you are going to love her projects as much as I have!  I'm hoping when she's run out of things to do at her house, she'll come fix mine!  Can't wait to see what else House Seven has up her sleeve!


Oh!  And not to mention she has an amazing coupon code she's offering for a local lettering artist, For The Love of Letters!  I can't wait to get mine today!


Happy Friday Y'all!


Unfinished Projects

Sorry to go MIA on you guys last week... Honestly I'm not 100% sure what happened, but I've been working on a few different projects and apparently they are getting the best of me.  Well, that and work, bridal showers, preparing for trips, cleaning, life, etc... You get it.  I know you do! 

If you follow me on Isntagram (@lmmblog) you probably have seen almost everything in this post!  Almost!  But before we do that...  This weekend, I went home to Fort Wayne for a Bridal Shower for my cousin.  The shower was great... I won no games, but it was still fun and always good to see the fam!  But I do have to share my "bag" because we couldn't find anything that we liked for wrapping so I added this to the brown paper bag we got for $4 at Target. 

It's not perfect, but I'm really getting into the lettering or whatever they are calling it these days.  It's fun, and almost relaxing! 

So... now that I've bragged on myself it's time to make fun of myself too...

Do any of you practice the art of finishing one thing before you  start another? 
Yea, me either...
So I have about 4 projects going at the moment...
And we might tackle one more...

Not this week though because it's gonna be a hot one!

But... here are a few sneaks of what I've been working on...

I've been trying to finish this outdoor rug for about 3 weeks now.  The project is not difficult, but when you are doing it in your driveway...that's off of an alley where all the kids play...and the kids keep stepping in your tape and messing up your pattern... and asking you questions... you just want to throw it in the garage and call it a day!  Which I've done many times in the last 3 weeks, hence why it's not done!  So... Here's a sneak at that which I'm hoping to finish this week (along with the 7362 other things on my to do list).

You may have also seen sneaks via Instagram of my new outdoor table.  I haven't shared much on it yet because it's un-styled and I'm unsure on it's placement.  However, both myself & Ella are very much enjoying it.  More to come on that with the Patio Update.

And in order to create the outdoor table, I had to dismantle the desk in my office pantry that I just shared a couple weeks ago. I needed the legs.  But don't worry, I found these little pretties at the Goodwill Outlet and they will soon have a new color and home!  So excited for this office pantry update (if it ever happens!)!

Then there's my lover.  My new island.  I bought it back in like March and it's been sitting the garage.  It was $60 and needs a new top, but I immediately saw it and thought Island & "I can do that!"  We shall see... I recently brought it in to make sure it fit in our house (and thank god it did, otherwise we'd be eating at the island in the garage because I love it so much I will never let it go!) and it's been here ever since.  Ella doesn't even realize there's another table to eat at because it's always here.  And don't worry, we cleaned that bad boy with all we had to make sure it was ok to use.  Soon though this handsome thing will have a new butcher block counter!  EEEEK!

And lastly -- although I'm sure if I went around my house there are a few more unfinished projects -- we have a couple minor updates for Ell's Room & PlayLand. 

Now, if my house were just semi clean.... I could share their new homes...
Don't worry "clean house" is on my to do list at all times! 


Crate & Barrel Catalog Faves

I'm a sucker for catalogs.  I pretty much sign up for all of them.  Even if I don't like them, I like to look through them and say I don't like them.  My favorites are the likes of Ballard Designs, West Elm, IKEA -- usually furniture ones.  I like Crate & Barrel too -- and land of nod if they'd ever send me one... I've seen friends. 

And with all the switchover in the seasons happening they are flooding into my inbox.  So when I saw Crate & Barrel's latest on the entry table the other day I took it to bed with me and perused it before I went to sleep.  Best part?  The front is labeled "Modern Farmhouse," every girls dream, right?  You had me at Farmhouse CB! 

I fell in love with this galvanized table.  I wish I had a bigger home so that I could use one of these!  I've had a table like this on my list F O R E V E R!

Then there were these lights... Yes, just about all of them.  They are just lovely.  The different colors and tones... and shapes!  Swoon...

And this rug might soon be making it's way to my entryway!  Anyone have a Crate & Barrel coupon?!  And Crate & Barrel, I'd love to write a review for you!!!  Wink Wink! But seriously, the colors are awesome and so is the texture!

I love love love these chairs!  I have no where in my current house for them, but in my "Modern {Dream} Farmhouse" they'd work just fine.

Then there's these beautiful chairs/stools that would look kinda cool around my new island that I'm working on... Did I tell you about that?  Ok, well I'm working on it... but until I have all the things I need for it, it'll remain a semi-secret (unless you follow me on instagram {@lmmblog} and then you might have seen sneaks of it).  But I just love the industrial look of them... they are hard, but soft too! 

The chairs I'd possibly use around my table... maybe... but definitely in my "Modern {Dream} Farmhouse."

So there are my favorites... All these pictures were taken straight out of the catalog so all credit for the pictures goes to Crate & Barrel.  I've seen other bloggers do this before so I hope it's ok! 

But I'm thinking I'll be seeing you soon CB for that beautiful rug that will compliment my other new rug that's in the same space...

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