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Changes Are Coming...

You know when your closet is getting low on clothes and you end up always wearing the same thing over and over and over again... ?

Well I'm there.  Literally because I wear the 5 same things in my closet over and over and over again...
Oh, and with regards to this blog too...

So.... it's time for...

I got on Etsy the other day and purchased a Shiny Brand Spanking New Pre-Made Template.  I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea that I am a techie and can make these type things on my own because without a "wizard" of some sort I cannot do much on the computer besides email, blog, and read things. 

But seriously... That's true.

So someone asked me what the link to my blog was the other day and I realized that I was totally unhappy with how it was looking these days... I mean it's very very blah and the pictures on the header were outdated and you know, it was just not Martha in anyway anymore...

And we all know that these days I'm trying to get back to what this blog used to be which made me happy.  So with that I'm hoping this new template will make me happy and I'm just waiting on a few more things to load up and then it will be

I hope...

So until then, please excuse the mess because I'm excited for the clean lines and neatness that are to come soon! 

Have a great Wednesday!



Makes me want to sing... you? No? Oh.

Moving on.

I recently inherited two trunks from my parents.  One was either my Great Grandma Hubbard or Great Grandma Schenkel's Hope/Cedar Chest.  I say one of my Great Grandmother's because when we were discussing me taking it, it came out that my mother and my father were both confused on who THEY actually inherited it from.  ;)  I found this funny.  I don't know so I was no help!  Either way it's an antique AND it's a family heirloom.  Check and Check. 

Here is a before picture of our office.  We've I've always wanted to have a bench seat in there.  I just thought it would open it up more. 

So here's my quick fix.  I'm hoping to add some wall mounted sconces just outside of the drapes and then I need to figure something out about (1) the color of the chest and (2) the extra space on the sides... but I think it looks so much better! 


The Reveal - Michael's Room

Ok, so I don't have a before picture because my mom had already started painting when I got there to meet her. Just Imagine a room with Pink on the bottom and on all the trim and lavender on the top 1/4 of the wall and ceiling. Yes, I did this when I was still in high school. Wait. I take that back. I did the purple part... thought it would be cool... The ALL pink was killing me. And when you think of pink... think of bubble gum pink.  Then add some pictures black and white pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, my The Cutting Edge Movie poster, some random soccer items left over from my sister and a daybed with pink, green, and purple colors throughout. Got a good picture in your head?!?  Ok, hold that!

My little brother moved in there a couple years ago when my sister moved away for college because it was a bigger room. He just dealt with the crazy girlie colors but never took his friends up there! They always went to the basement! lol.

NOW he can have his friends over and it's an actual boys room! We kind of love it! There are still a few details to be added, but I couldn't wait any longer to show you! So without further aduex (<- Question on the spelling)... Here he is!!

Desk made from two closet maid shelving cubes for a closet and other organization
and two Ikea lack shelves slapped together.

Found these little guys at goodwill.  They originally had all kinds of color on them, but I spray painted them white.  The one did come with a head, but lost it during transportation.  I call it a battle wound. 

A coat tree that we had in the garage spray painted to match the lamp. 

Lamp from goodwill, shade from my closet recovered in burlap. 
We found the headboards on craigslist.

I ordered the flag from eBay thinking it was smaller to go above one of the beds... oops! 
Apparently it's a 3x5 and is enormous!  So for now it hangs in the closet. 
The globe is from Target and the dresser is an antique from one of our Great Aunts. 
It used to be in my parent's room. 

The green chair is an antique that we found in the garage as well.  Just cleaned it off a bit.  Paint is chipping and it wobbles just a little, but that can be fixed.  It's a perfect fit. 

My mom found these rugs at Big Lots.  This is two 4x6s or 5x7s put together.  It's a good alternative to the Ikea one we put on the mood board. 

Window coverings are from Target. 

Vintage license plates from my Grandpa's (now my dad's) collection. 
They still have a bit of dirt on them. 

And there you have it! 
Still needs a little bit of artwork on the walls, but I'd say a much better fit already for a growing boy! 

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